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First Place Track & Field Equipment

Save big! First Place Track & Field Equipment provides everyday savings on a wide range of quality products for High Jump, Long/Triple Jump, Pole Vault, Hurdles, Sprints, Discus, Hammer/Weight Throw, Javelin, Shot Put, Meet & Facility Equipment, and Training Equipment.

First Place Track & Field items are priced lower than other brands because premium First Place products are made exclusively for M-F Athletic / Everything Track & Field!

First Place Track & Field Equipment

First Place
High Jump Equipment

Championship High Jump Crossbars
Elite High School High Jump Crossbars
High School High Jump Crossbars
High Jump Pits
Elite Steel High Jump Standards (2'-8')
Junior High Jump Standards (1'-7')
Technique Ramp

First Place
Long Jump / Triple Jump Equipment

Championship Take-off System
College/High School Take-off System

First Place
Pole Vault Equipment

Championship Pole Vault Crossbars
Elite High School Pole Vault Crossbars
High School Pole Vault Crossbars
Premier Pole Vault Standards (5'-16')
Prep Pole Vault Base Protector Pads
Pole Vault Pits
Standard Setting Indicator
First Place Rings

First Place
Hurdles Equipment

Collegiate Hurdles
Competitor Rocker Hurdles
Premier Hurdles
Soft Training Hurdle
Plyometric Power Training Hurdles
Universal Hurdle Dolly
Universal Hurdle Cart

First Place
Sprints Equipment

Premier Adjustable Starting Blocks
International 4-Angle Adjustable Blocks
Universal Starting Block Cart
Starting Blocks & Cart Package


First Place
Discus Equipment

Gold Discus (Very High Spin, 84-92% Rim Weight)
Black Discus (High Spin, 80-84% Rim Weight)
Red Discus (Low Spin, 75-80% Rim Weight)
Blue Discus (Center Weighted, 60-70% Rim Weight)
Aluminum Discus Cage
Steel Discus Cage
Premier Implement Cart

First Place
Hammer / Weight Throw Equipment

Iron Hammers
Turned Steel Championship Hammers
Indoor Throwing Weights
Premier Implement Cart

First Place
Javelin Equipment

First Place Aluminum Javelins
Premier Implement Cart

First Place
Shot Put Equipment

Super Soft Indoor Shots
True Grip Indoor Shots
Soft Indoor Shots
Pro-Line Tungsten Indoor Shots
Competition Brass Outdoor Shots
Cast Iron Outdoor Shots
Competition Stainless Steel Cased Outdoor Shots
Gauged Competition Turned Iron Outdoor Shots
Competition Turned Solid Steel Outdoor Shots
Premier Implement Cart

First Place
Meet & Facility Equipment

Portable Bleachers
Economy Athletic Benches
Team Benches with Back and Shelf
Standard Setting Indicator
Performance Indicator
Lap Counter with Bell
Infill & Ultra Turf

First Place
Training Equipment

Elite Medicine Balls
Plyometric Power Hurdles
Economy Plyo Boxes
Sandbag Rolls
Speed Jump Ropes
Cast Iron Kettlebells
Competition Kettlebells
Vinyl Coated Kettlebells
Kettlebell Racks

First Place Track & Field Equipment

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