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Pole Vault Training / Coaching Videos

Mark Strawderman
and Bill Falk



Bill Falk has coached Olympic and All-American pole vaulters and is currently pole vault and decathlon coach at the University of Miami (FL). For many years, Bill has set the trend for new pole vault techniques in the U.S. He is author of five pole vault books and has produced a number of track and field videos.

Mark Strawderman was a 3x All-American pole vaulter at the University of Rhode Island. He currently heads up the Track and Field Division of M-F Athletic.

Both conduct pole vault camps and clinics around the U.S.

The below pole vault training / coaching video clips are from their Come to Pole Vault Practice DVD & Book Set.

  • Introduction - Choosing pole vaulters and technique intro
  • The Pole Vault Grip
  • The Pole Vault Carry
  • The Pole Vault Approach Run
  • The Pole Vault Plant
  • The Pole Vault Take-Off and Drive Swing
  • The Pole Vault Swing-Up
  • The Pole Vault Pull-Turn
  • The Pole Vault Fly-Away
  • Pole Vault Pit Requirements for High School and NCAA