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Pacer FX Poles - 13 ft 6 in Models
SKU: 415 Pacer

Pacer FX Poles - 13 ft 6 in Models

Price: $549.00
*test weight:

SKU: 415 Pacer

Choose the test weight you need.

About Pole Vaulting Poles:
  • All poles come with a tip (or butt plug).
  • Pacer FX Poles are made with a patented double spiral wrap.
  • This gives these poles great hoop strength, so they unbend powerfully.
  • Note: A pole MUST be rated at or above a jumper’s weight. (For Example – if your vaulter weighs 119, they must us be using a pole that is a test weight of 120 or more).

    Special Shipping Rules for Pole Vaulting Poles:
  • Due to size limitations of the shipping companies (UPS/Fedex/etc), this item cannot be shipped by standard ground service, or for standard ground shipping costs. Once you have placed your order, we will find the safest, most dependable and least expensive method of delivery and will contact you within one business day for your order approval.

    Delivery time is not guaranteed for poles.
    If you need a pole urgently, it is best to call us at 1-888-556-7464 weekdays from 8:30am-5:30pm Eastern time to get details!!

    ** As the sticker on your pole tube container will remind you:
    *Please open the tube and inspect your pole carefully when the driver is delivering it to you.
    *If it is damaged, do not accept the vaulting pole. Refuse it and then give us a call.

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