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FinishLynx Timing Systems
SKU: 7602
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FinishLynx Timing Systems

Price: $4,995.00
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SKU: 7602

The leader in automatic timing and meet information systems.

All systems now provide FULL COLOR and EasyAlign camera technology!

Pricing varies for the Scholastic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and MVP Packages.

Choose what fits your budget, and we can get a customized package made for your unique needs if one of these 5 packages isn't quite what you need. From integrating Reactime, FieldLynx, Scoreboards and the Internet, FinishLynx can do it all! Tell us about YOUR requirements. We'll recommend one of our established packages or design one to suit your needs.


THE LYNX SCHOLASTIC, BRONZE, SILVER,GOLD, and MVP SYSTEMS provide you with everything necessary to time and manage a track meet: athlete entries, seeding, F.A.T. timing and results, plus all you need to turn your printer into an income generator.

- Etherlynx Camera with 600 Frames per second speed (6x higher than a video system)
- Fixed 6mm camera lens.
- EasyAlign software
- Full color images
- Start sensor and 500' of cable
- Water resistant housing
- Custom carry case
- Power over Ethernet injector
- Camera tripod and mouning hardware
- 1 year tech support and warranty
- FinishLynx software lite
- All Ethernet and power cables.
- Support for wireless start

- EtherLynx Vison Camera with 1000 frames per second speed, manual zoom lens, and custom carry case.
- EasyAlign software
- Full collor images
- 500' start cable and start sensor
- All Ethernet and camera cables
- Water resistant housing
- Power over Ethernet injector
- LynxPad meet management software
- 1 year tech support and warranty
- Camera tripod and mounting hardware
- FinishLynx software full
- Support for RadioLynx wireless start
- Support for multiple FinishLynx plug-ins
- Support for multiple FinishLynx cameras
- Support for IdentiLynx 2D video camera
- Scoreboard interface
- Wind guage interface

Includes all the above, PLUS:
- Automatic capture and virtual photocell plug-in
- High resolution 2000 frames per second images
- Remote camera positioner
- Motorized lens for remote lens adjustment

Includes all the above PLUS:
- RadioLynx Wireless Start System
- 9 Digit Alphanumeric Scoreboard
- IdentiLynx full frame video camera

Includes all the above PLUS:
- IAAF approved sonic wind guage.
- 2nd EtherLynx color camera, 1000 frames per second upgradable to a higher specification.

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