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Come to Javelin Practice DVD
SKU: 4911

Come to Javelin Practice DVD

Price: $15.00

SKU: 4911

Fantastic for beginning javelin throwers!

About the NEW Come to Javelin DVDs:

  • Rob Lasorsa- National Throws Coaches Association
  • Coach Rob Lasorsa's step-by-step program is fantastic for starting beginning throwers, it is easy-to-follow and very well explained.
  • Absolutely nothing is left out of this instructional DVD.
  • Material includes the grip, foot alignment, release drills, power position, and a terrific step-by-step teaching progression that's easy to follow.
  • Outstanding Javelin teaching tool.

      The DVD is 30 minutes long and covers these topics:

      Establishing your base
      Establishing your grip
      Walking into the front position
      Making the drills more dynamic
      Scissor Drills
      Carry & Drawback Drills
      Drawback & Throw
      Supplemental Drills
      Relaxing teh arm & hand
      Fence Drills
      Medball Throws
      Minibands & Stretches

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