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First Place Competitor Hurdles
SKU: 6921
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First Place Competitor Hurdles

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SKU: 6921

Best Rocker Hurdle on the market!

About First Place Competitor Hurdles:
- They "roll over" easier than rigid "L" hurdles so they are ideal for teaching beginners.
- "U" style hurdles eliminate stepping on the front support bar.
- Height adjusts to 30”, 33”, 36”, 39" and 42”.
- Rocker style hurdles are fully legal for high school.
- One piece 16-gauge welded steel base saves assembly time and has a 7-year  guarantee because of its superior strength.
- No front bar to trip over.
- Meets Nat. High School Fed. Rules.

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TIP: ”The Coach Says”: I prefer to use Rocker Hurdles for High School and Junior High School hurdlers. They roll over easier than the “L” style hurdles helping eliminate the fear factor for new hurdlers. Do all lead and trail leg drills with BOTH legs. This will help balance the athletes’ muscle groups. Also, many young hurdlers are not strong enough to 3-step and will use a 4-step pattern.

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