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PB Extreme R3 Massager with Carry Case

8 Reviews
$319.95 $229.00
SKU: 2279-01
$319.95 $229.00


High-Intensity, Percussive, Deep Tissue Massager (Massage Gun)

The R3 pin-point massager can be used for warm-up, cool-down, functional training, rehabilitation and physical therapy. The R3 is the new best friend of fitness enthusiasts the world over. With a striking design outside and advanced technology inside, this massage gun delivers high-penetration muscle relief and a faster, more effective recovery.  

  • 24V Brushless, high-torque motor, noise reduction massager (below 60dB)
  • Long, shock absorbent high grade rubber covered handle
  • 12mm stroke length
  • Up to 52 hit per second
  • Comes with 5 detachable massage heads, carry case, and charger.
  • 9 vibration speed levels
  • 3 hours battery life (2000mAh Lithium battery)
  • 1 year warranty

Given by scientific research this well-designed, vibrating, cordless and powerful massager is everything you need for fast recovery, reducing fatigue and to treat all areas of the body. 

This deep tissue percussion therapy device can be used for treatment and relief of injuries and pains such as: tight shoulders, carpal tunnel, bursitis, shin splints, bicep tendonitis, tennis elbow, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis.


  • Improves your range of motion
  • Reduces recovery time and accelerates warm-up time
  • Clears the muscles of lactic acid and reduces fatigue
  • Breaks down scar tissue, treat injuries and pains
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Releases muscle trigger points, stiffness and soreness

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A must have

by -

Worth every penny!

Excellent recovery tool

by -

The R3 is a useful tool to aid in rehab. The 5 differently shaped attachments are supple, yet firm enough to work out many different muscular issues. Also having 9 speeds also aids in working out any muscular issues.

Excellent, so well made and powerful.

by -

Amazing device. Extremely well made, quiet, powerful and effective. This one seems to be far better than some of the more hyped brands. Attachments are great but wish there was a guide provided on which are best to use for what purpose.

Great Product - Great Company

by -

I bought the R3 in 2019 after using one at my gym. Everyone in the house uses it daily. And not only is this a great product, it's a great company. They're customer service is stellar which these days is a rarity.

Great tool for PTs

by -

I have been using it in the outpatient physical therapy setting and it has been a good adjunct to my treatment interventions with some of the clients I work with. Also it is not too heavy, I just need to switch hands often but overall it is a good tool to reduce tone in the muscles prior to stretching and performing stretching & strengthening activities.

It’s amazing! Makes everything feel better.

by -

I am a personal trainer and have used this on 20 people in 2 days. They all want one. For those who have pain, it decreased their pain. For those who workout a lot, it loosens up tight muscles. For those who are older, it increases circulation and allows the blood to flow better. It’s very quiet, has 9 different settings, easy to hold, quiet, very well designed. Perform Better’s massager is the best on the market.

PB tool is superior

by -

The PB massage tool is superior to other models on the market. More speeds, silicone cover to reduce vibration to therapist/trainer’s hands and reduced noise levels make it great!

This product exceeded my expectations!

by -

After doing a significant amount of research and trying out several different massage guns I opted to purchase the PB Extreme. I am very satisfied, it is very quiet, easy to use and super effective for recovery and relaxation. Great battery life too!
I definitely recommend it!