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Steelex Needle Spikes - Bag of 100

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$12.95 $6.95

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Bags of 100 spikes.

ABOUT Steelex Spikes:
  • 1/4" only
  • Case-hardened so they are tougher than your average spike.
  • Hex-base makes these spikes easier to grab, install and remove.
  • The universal Ratchet Wrench is required for these spikes. 
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    Great idea, but...


    I had great hopes for these spikes - to be easier to install and remove than the standard 2-sided spike. But in reality, there are problems.
    First, if you are installing them in a shoe that has ANY spike recess or not-really-hard spike plate, the contacts are too short (at least on the sizes up to 1/4" - I haven't tried the longer ones yet) to get it fully seated and tight. Then they just get looser from there and are a maintenance nightmare.
    Second, from a logistics point of view, all new spike shoes come with the standard 2-sided spikes and a free wrench - everyone has them. But if you want your kids to be able to remove these spikes on their own, they need the special hex tool. There is really no way to fully switch your team over to these.
    It was a good try, and I really wish they would have worked, but just not making it from the team perspective.