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All Track & Field Training and Coaching Articles


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Does Video Help or Hurt Your Coaching Eye? – Apex Vaulting



High Jump: “J” Doesn’t Always Mean Jump – By Travis Bishop, Elite High Jump Coach

High Jump Technique and Training – Jim Giroux

The High Jump Approach – Holly Kelly-Thompson

How to Run: Taller is Better! – By Travis Bishop, Elite High Jump Coach

Long Jump Technique and Training – Jim Giroux

Triple Jump Technique and Training – Jim Giroux

The Pole Vault – Getting Off the Ground – Larry Bartels

The Pole Vault Take-Off – Mark Strawderman

Use Adrenaline at the Right Time – Bill Falk

Self-Analysis of Your Pole Vault Technique – Bill Falk

Coaching the Long Jump – Boo Schexnayder

Long Jump Approach – Adarian Barr




Discus Training Progression – Rob Lasorsa

Gripping & Release Drills for the Discus – Gary Aldrich

Basic Shot Put Technique (Shot Put Learn-By-Doing) – Mark Harsha

Feet Alignment in the Power Position of the Shot Put – Gary Aldrich

Glide Shot Put Technique – Rob Lasorsa

The Mental and Psychological Aspects of Throwing – Tony Dziepak, Track and Field Enthusiast

Middle School Shot – Virg Polak

A Beginner's Guide to Throwing the Weight – Matthew Ellis

Progressive Steps to Teaching the Javelin Throw – Rob Lasorsa

Teaching the Javelin – Jim Giroux

Power Clean Program for Throwers – Jud Logan

Kettlebell Lifting for Throwers – Matthew Ellis

Proper Cleaning And Storage Of Throwing Implements – Rob Lasorsa

Track & Field Throwing Implement Weight Requirements (Rules)

Stop that Yanking! Daniel McQuaid, Track coach at Wheaton North High School

Starting A New Throwing Program And Preparing For The Season by Jim Aikens, Burlington Central High School

To Wind Or Not To Wind – Daniel McQuaid, Wheaton North High School

Turbo Javelin Throwing Manual – Tom Petranoff, Two-time Javelin World Recordholder

Hammer Wire Length Chart

How To Unwind (And Rewind) A Hammer Wire – Tony Dziepak, Track and Field Enthusiast

Throw Bros: The Inner-Circle Of Tom Walsh And Ryan Whiting - Judd Spicer

Basic Shot Put Preliminaries, Power Position, Delivery, and Follow-through - Tony Dziepak, Track and Field Enthusiast

Balancing Workouts in Training the Collegiate and Post Collegiate Hammer Thrower - the late Paul E. Turner, PhD- Harvard Univ.

Sector Layout Instructions

Bringing the Conjugate System to the Throwing Ring – Jeremy Herring


Virtual Throws Conference


Gary Aldrich, Head Track Coach at Carnegie Mellon

Tom Walsh, 3x World Champion and Olympic Medalist Shot Putter

Tom Pukstys, 6x U.S. Champion American Record Holder and Coach of USA Javelin Project

Dane Miller, Owner of Garage Strength and USA Weightlifting Team Coach

Michelle Carter, Olympic Gold Medalist in the Shot Put

Nick Garcia, Renowned Coach at Norte Dame High School in CA.

David Sweeney, Throws Coordinator for Ireland Athletics

Jud Logan, Head Coach at Ashland University and 4x Olympic Hammer Thrower

Joe Kenn, Former Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Carolina Panthers

Dr. Denise K. Wood, 4x Collegiate Champion and Former Throws Coach at Tennesse

Mac Wilkins, Olympic Medalist and Throw Coach of the US Olympic Training Center

Alex Heacock, Director of Track and Field at William & Mary

Ryan Crouser, Olympic Gold Medalist and shot put record holder

Al Fereshetian, Head Coach at Bates College

Dale Stevenson, 2012 Olympian Shot Putter & Throws Coach at Athletics New Zealand

Sean Donnelly, Team USA Hammer Thrower and 3x NCAA Champion

Kris Mack, USATF Chula Vista Olympic Training Site - Combined Events Coach

Brian Woodbury, Throws Coach at University of Maine & Founder of Slingshot Throws


Sprints and Hurdles


110 and 100 Meter Hurdles - Drills and Training – Jim Giroux

Hurdles Teaching Progression – Rob Lasorsa

Hurdles Training – The Lead Leg – Dave Labor

Sprinting the Florida Way – Sprint Training Workouts – Coach Mike Holloway, University of Florida

4x100: Consistency in the Exchange – Nick Stebenne

Starting Blocks (4-Point Start) – Nick Stebenne

Starting Blocks – Athlete Acceleration

Off Season Strengthening of the Sprinter and Jumper – Lee Taft

Identifying Potential Hurdlers / Developing Beginner Hurdlers – Steve McGill, Hurdle Specialist

When to Use "Psych Up" Strategies – Ryan Banta

What's all the buzz about Reaction Time? – Michael Cummings

Top 6 Most Effective Workouts for 300/400 Meter Hurdlers – Steve McGill

Classifying Spring Training Methods – Michael Khmel and Tony Lester



Middle Distance


The 800 Meters – Steve Gardiner

Objectives...Middle Distance and Distance Running – Bill Welch


Cross Country


Basic Cross Country Training – Coach Rich Wright

Objectives...Middle Distance and Distance Running – Bill Welch

Carbohydrate Needs for Runners – Brian Cook, Ph.D.

Creating a Training Plan for Cross Country – Coach Sean O'Connor


General Track & Field Articles


Benefits of Stretching – Ryan Krane

Coordination & Movement Skill Development – The Key to Long-Term Athletic Success – Brian Grasso

Curing the Runners Side Stitch – Coach Frank Pucher

Just Two Things to Relieve Your Runners Knee – Ryan Krane

Keeping Athletes Healthy with Foam Rollers – Mike Boyle

Hammer Wire Length Chart

Lydiard or Lazy (High Volume Running) – Coach Frank Pucher

Choosing the right Track & Field Shoes & Replacement Spikes – Nick Stebenne

Medicine Ball Functional Training – Rob Lasorsa

Mental Preparation for the "BIG" Track Meet – Dr. Rick McGuire

Power Clean Program for Throwers – Jud Logan

Pre-Season Conditioning – Brad Hackett

Pre-Season Track & Field Conditioning – Coach Frank Pucher

Strength Training for the Track & Field Athlete – Coach Frank Pucher

Upper Body Plyometrics – Tommy Sutor

Warm-Up and Cool Down – Two Crucial Details on Race Day – Timothy Hale

How To Unwind (And Rewind) A Hammer Wire – Tony Dziepak, Track and Field Enthusiast

Medicine Ball Exercises for Strength and Power – Athletes Acceleration

Shoulder Strength and Stability for All Athletes – Dustin Hada, Athletes Acceleration

7 Awesome Medicince Ball Drills to Increase Speed! – Lee Taft, Lee Taft Athletic Consulting

Why Everyone Needs Core Training – Stuart McGill

The Essence of Athletic Development is Recovery – Brian Schiff

Best Diet to Increase Energy in Running – Health & Wellness 365

Body Awareness and Building Athleticism…Training for Success – Joe Napoli

The A-B-C's of Footwork – Steve Myrland


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