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September 2021
Diamond League Results
Team USATF Athletes Cap a Stellar 2021 Diamond League Season with Eight Titles in Zurich.
ZURICH – Team USATF caps a stellar year of track and field with eight Diamond League titles in Zurich. Olympic medalists Valarie Allman, Fred Kerley, Michael Cherry and Kenny Bednarek highlight the second day of Diamond League finals following Ryan Crouser and Maggie Ewen shot put titles on Wednesday.
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Training Articles
A Workout Ingredient List for the Cross Country Coach
By Scott Christensen, Head Coach at Stillwater Area High School
Sometimes whimsical analogies are useful in understanding how cross country coaches go about their work. To that end, today we will consider a workout ingredient list. When it comes to cross country coaches, it seems there are both cooks and chefs.
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Benefits of Stretching
By Ryan Krane – MS, CPT, PES, CES
What people are avoiding in their workouts is STRETCHING because they don't make the time to stretch before and after their exercise routines. They would rather lift weights or exercise aerobically instead of stretching before and after their workouts. Most individuals understand the significance of stretching, but don't do it.
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Medicine Ball Functional Training
By Rob Lasorsa, USATF Shot Put Development Chairman
To be successful in today's track and field environment, athletes must work on a variety of components of athletic ability. Flexibility, strength, speed, power, agility, balance, technique, kinesthetic awareness, endurance, psychological development and injury prevention are all areas that need improvement for an individual to become a successful athlete.
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