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We know pole vault training and coaching!


At M-F Athletic, we know the pole vault!


Bill Falk, who founded M-F Athletic in 1960, has coached Olympic and All-American pole vaulters and has set the trend for new pole vault techniques in the U.S.A. He is the author of five pole vault books and has produced a number of track and field videos. He was the former pole vault coach at the University of Miami (FL), and now helps coach a local high school in the area. Mark Strawderman, a former 3x All-American in the Pole Vault, heads the Track & Field division of the company.


The M-F Athletic Pole Vault Coaching Curriculum

Our desire is to help make the pole vault better by improving coaching. That's why we have created a curriculum – some may call it a lesson plan – for coaches to follow when teaching the pole vault. By no means do we suggest this is the only way to coach pole vaulters. Instead, this is a basic plan, or guide. We encourage coaches to build their own ideas into the curriculum we present. Let's get an interchange of ideas going between coaches so we can make the event stronger and more vibrant.


Because the vast majority of pole vaulters are beginners or near-beginners, we are presenting a step-by-step program that is easy to follow and contains the fundamentals needed to improve performance. Really, these are the fundamentals that must be learned by vaulters at all levels to ensure future success.


We have numbered each phase of the Continuous Chain that makes up the pole vault. We suggest you teach your athletes in the same order as the material is presented.


All of us who want to make the pole vault better must band together to achieve that end. We can't sit idly by and wait for the event to improve. We must take action by becoming better informed and more capable of coaching the event.


Our goal is to help you become a better coach, athlete, or team! Our pledge is to give you the finest service possible! The entire M-F Athletic team is standing by to answer your questions about pole vault training, pole vault coaching and related equipment!


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