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National Pole Vault Coaches Association (NPVCA)

Welcome to the National Pole Vault Coaches Association!


Sponsored by M-F Athletic, the NPVCA is a non-profit association dedicated to improving the pole vault. School administrators say they desperately need qualified pole vault coaching, so the NPVCA offers coaches, athletes, parents and officials the opportunity to improve their pole vault knowledge at no charge. For more information or to take the NPVCA test please contact M-F Athletic by calling 1-888-556-7464 or email: mfathletic@mfathletic.com


Free NPVCA membership benefits include:


1. A detailed plan for coaching the pole vault
2. A listing of important pole vault rules
3. A certificate for passing a test based on the coaching plan and rules presented
4. 10% discount on purchases from M-F Athletic



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