About Us

M-F Athletic was established by Bill Falk in 1960 when he developed the M-F Heel Protector (Plastic Heel Cup), a device that covers the athlete's heel area and is worn like a cup inside shoes. It is still used very effectively to absorb blows to the heel. He started a Track & Field catalog in 1968. As years passed, the M-F Track & Field catalog became the leader in its field. Today, M-F's logo, "Everything Track & Field," stands for the largest selection of equipment and the best service in the industry. The company stocks a huge inventory of all major brands and offers same day service on Track & Field equipment. Customers are invited to call 1-888-556-7464 to talk about track and to receive up-to-the-minute information about equipment, rules and techniques.

While Bill passed away in 2018, his tradition continues on through his son, Eric Falk, who runs the every day operation of the company while Mark Strawderman, a 3x All-American in the Pole Vault, heads the Track & Field division. When you call toll-free at 1-888-556-7464, one of our many professional staff members will answer. We asked each of our staff members what they thought was the greatest strength, we (M-F Athletic / Everything Track and Field) had to offer.


Here is a consensus of their comments.


1. Enthusiasm and Sense of Urgency
The point is, if you need that vaulting pole or discus delivered tomorrow, you know that one of our staff will get your shipment to the airport this afternoon. You can also be assured that we'll follow-up to make sure "as promised really does happen".


2. Product Knowledge and Education
More than just filling the order, the staff person you are talking with has been active in the world of track as a competitor or as a coach. Each individual's talent is backed by those on the staff who are specialists in specific track disciplines. Each is available to talk with you. And each is responsible to keep our total team appraised of the latest techniques, rules, and improvements in equipment. The point is we believe education is an important part of the job.


3. Quality Products at a Great Price & Satisfaction Guaranteed
That's the emphasis each year as we prepare our new catalog. We balance the needs of a good high school with a college track power and offer the best of class in each product category.


4. We Go the Extra Mile
Every step possible is taken to make a customer feel comfortable. Quick delivery, a candid, clear discussion on use of the products in which you show interest, customers feel "at home" dealing with the M-F staff. And, if you have a special request, be assured we will go the extra mile.



Eric Falk/ President

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Steven Strawderman

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Sprints Training Zone

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