Economy Starter Pistol

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Less expensive than other brands, but worth the money!


Economy Starter Pistols are economical and work great! Choose from .22 or .32 caliber Economy Start Pistol models. 


About Economy Start Pistols: 


  • The .22 caliber model holds 8 rounds.
  • The .32 model holds 5 rounds. 
  • Don't forget to order your Starting Blanks, the Crimp blanks work nicely with the Economy Starter Pistol

*Due to federal regulations, all starter pistols are required to be signed by an adult (21+).  There is a  $5.95 surcharge for this, which will be added to the total at checkout. 

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews


Good job

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Very good gun
Great shipping
Will by from you again

Poor Design


Poorly designed pistol. The cylinder rotates freely and will advance over a live round or rotate back to a spent round causing misfires over and over. It is very frustrating and distracting during a track meet. I would not purchase this as the primary starters pistol.

The chamber turns on its own causing multiple misfires.


Don't waste your money. Purchase the 2019 pistol instead!