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First Place Elite Medicine Ball

10 Reviews
$24.95 to $131.95 $17.00 to $99.00
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$24.95 to $131.95 $17.00 to $99.00

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High bounce First Place Elite Medicine Balls are our strongest, most durable medicine ball.

First Place Elite Medicine Balls bounce well, and are great for working out alone or with a partner. They're great for medicine ball exercises against a wall.

First Place Elite Medicine Ball Features:

  • The improved textured shell allows the balls to last twice as long as the original First Place Medicine Balls.
  • Dimpled outer surface makes the balls slip resistant.
  • Can be inflated more for a higher bounce.
  • Diameters: 8", 9" or 11" depending on weight, see chart below for specific colors and size based on weight.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

  • Sizes/Colors:

  • 2 lbs. 8" Purple/Gray
  • 4 lbs. 8" Red/Gray
  • 6 lbs. 9" Yellow/Gray
  • 8 lbs. 9" Blue/Gray
  • 10 lbs. 9" Orange/Gray
  • 12 lbs. 9" Green/Gray
  • 15 lbs. 11" Black/Gray
  • 18 lbs. 11" Black/Gray
  • 20 lbs. 11" Black/Gray
  • 25 lbs. 11" Black/Gray
  • 30 lbs. 11" Black/Gray

  • *Due to the weight of the First Place Elite Medicine Ball, some heavier sizes have a shipping charge added at checkout. 

    Expedited shipping methods are not always covered by the websites calculations. We will contact you via email within 24 hours of placing your order if this is the case. 

    Please feel free to call, live chat, or email us at Performbetter@performbetter.com and we'll gladly provide you with a customized shipping quote. 

    Ratings & Reviews

    10 reviews



    by -

    These work great - more useful than other med balls that do not bounce. Bought a second!

    ECT Sleeve


    Works great, takes up small footprint when not using. Able to do all landline exercise utilizing olympic bar and 45b bumper plate I already had.

    Excellent for clients


    I use this product every day for my clients and it's great! Multi use and functional training

    Excellent quality and a nice addition to my WODs


    I am really big into changing up my workouts and keeping them interesting, effective and, very important, fun. I purchased the 10, 12, 15 and 18 lb. balls. I am doing about a half dozen exercises from PB videos and other sources and these balls meet all of the above criteria. Although pricey, I think these balls will last me pretty much forever. Many of my friends join me in my well-equipped basement gym and we all find these add a new dimension to our routines.

    Great for my core training


    I've been needing to take a few of my execises up a notch so I'm delighted with my new 15 lb med ball.

    Great piece of equipment for my clients.

    by -

    I love the weight range that PB has in these balls. I have been using these MBs for years with great success and not many problems (sometimes clients forget how well they bounce).

    Great service and great product

    by -

    I use bouncing medicine balls in overhead throws (bounces) to the floor for my for my highly competitive swimming team to develop power and speed. I have swimmers doing sets of 6 x :30 sec with :15 sec rest interval as a station in dryland training. They do about 1 throw per second. After one swimmer finish six sets, :15 sec later, another swimmer does the same set of 6x:30 sec. The balls are you continuously for 30 minutes 4 times per week. I have used other companies and the balls always break. We use 2 pound balls. I have tried the 4 pound balls and they can not withstand this intensity and they break. In the past, my swimmers took pride in breaking a medicine balI, but these rarely break. I highly recommend the service from this company and their product. Because of covid and limited pool time, I just ordered 4 more.

    med ball slams


    Using ball for oh slams and wall work,love them for our rotation stability work.



    Great to use for clients and general public for all medicine ball exercises.

    Use it for spinal mobility

    by -

    One thing you may not know about these med balls is that they double as a fantastic spinal mobility tool. Deflate a bit if needed, and then use it on your spine like you would a foam roller. Take your time with it, ease into it, use some blocks under your head/hips if needed.