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$1.50 to $18.00 $2.50 to $24.50

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Mini-Bands have a durable design – the bands will stretch up to 3 times their length. 

Mini Exercise Bands are 9" L x 2" W. Use them for lateral steps, leg extensions and shoulder stabilization exercises


  • Mini-Bands can be used anywhere – on the field, at home, in the clinic or gym, or even when traveling.
  • Effective for both upper and lower body training.
  • By using resistance bands for dynamic warm up, you can target the hip and shoulder complexes.
  • When used in conjunction with other exercises these band sequences can help activate the core as well as prime movers, synergists and stabilizers in the hip and shoulder area.

  • 100 Uses

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    I've used these for years and find them useful as part of warm-up. I'm surprised that PB doesn't post 100 uses on their website or include an information sheet directing buyers to articles and videos illustrating their use.

    A Great Product!

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    We use these at our training facility everyday for a variety of different programs. From an activation series to static holds there are a million different ways these bands benefit our clients.

    A Must Have! Simplicity at it's BEST. Convenient & Effective.


    Love this easy, on-the-go physical therapy tool. I was introduced to it by my PT, Kerry Lane at Pasadena Physical Therapy Center. I began my treatment with Kerry after being diagnosed with multiple herniated spinal discs and knee injuries resulting from an auto accident. I have had physical therapy in the past. However, none consisted of me using a resistant-type stretch band such as PERFORM BETTER. The name says it all...this tiny band fits in the palm of my hand but don't be fooled by its size. It packs giant-size power and enables me to "perform better" after just a few consecutive days of use. Because of Perform Better bands, I was able to "perform better" in my yoga practice without exacerbating an injury and also gained confidence that I would have a full recovery soon! I highly recommend having one of each strength for home. After Kerry integrated this band into my treatment interventions with proven results (as quick as a few consecutive days use) I had to have one and purchased the Green band on the spot. I literally don't leave home without it. Especially since I'm on the road all over LA and not sure how long I will be sitting in meetings, this has to come with me. Love it...thanks to Kerry for introducing me to Perform Better and thanks to PERFORM BETTER for a convenient, quality product. Namaste



    These bands are a staple in my training programs. I have used many others but these by far a my favorite


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    I had been searching for bands to use with my clients and these are amazing!



    I'm a PT and since I began I always noticed few gyms (even the one I currently work for) do not carry these bands. For newer clients this is an excellent builder for those muscles that don't quite fire like they should. To put it simply: it's a must! Highly recommended!

    Awesome bands!


    I'm always giving these bands away to friends or family to use. I love them and so do they!

    Awesome Product!


    I love using the mini-bands in my group exercise classes. We also use these bands as gifts for fitness-related events. They are inexpensive and very effective for a multitude of leg exercises. They are great too for challenging the core for abdominal bicycle work. Thanks!

    Best Bands Going

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    I tried a multitude of mini-bands for our program, and these are the best by far. Although our coaches monitor their use, these bands are definitely abused by our athletes. Yes, we do experience breakage, but these bands are far more robust than the other bands on the market.
    PB mini bands have just the right amount of resistance that we are looking for in a resistance band. We primarily use the Blue bands, but also utilize extra heavy Black or double them up, mixing colored bands to achieve the results we are looking for.

    Carrie Provencal


    As a PT I use these bands and find them great to add challenge to various types of Physical Therapy and strength training exercises.


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    have already snapped 3 of these in the short time I have had them--the 2 I am using now have lasted an acceptable period of time but the first 3 snapped in less than5 uses

    Ease of use


    Like this band, great for bigger groups and can be used for many different exercises.



    Discovered these at Physical Therapy, and were part of my exercise routine, for two exercises. Very effective!

    Female Glutes Training


    All my female clients at the studio love the glutes workout with all the type of miniband walking. Garantee

    Good Product


    I was using these at the gym I go to and they all broke. So I bought my own and I am glad I did.


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    Best brand for resistance bands. Don’t break easily and don’t become more pliable over time

    Great Bands!


    I love these mini bands. I have been using these bands for over 6 years and they are the best. They are strong and last much longer than other brands I have used. I highly recommend.

    Great deal

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    I am using these in a core training class. They are very well made (none broke in the first class--that's a plus) and for 10 in a pack, it was the cheapest I could find anywhere. I highly recommend.

    Great equipment we use everyday


    We use in our facility everyday and is great to strengthen glutes and work on lower body stability. They don't last very long and need to be replaced every few months.

    Great exercise and so easy to take on trips


    I've worked my way up to the heavy duty band and it does a great job of exercising my legs, glutes. And, of course, they're so easy to take on trips so I can prevent myself from finding excuses not to work out.

    Great for booty shaping & variety of body parts.

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    Love these for shaping & strengthening my glutes.

    Great for lateral training


    I have purchased an assortment of green, blue,and black bands to use with my basketball players. They're great for teaching defensive slides and improving hip mobility. I have had a few pop on me, but at such a low price, I usually buy more.

    Great for Toning and building strength in legs and thighs!!

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    Love these bands! I use them for my senior class for chair workout. Great for toning and keeping legs and hips strong. I also use for my Pilates! thank you for really quick service when I need to place an order for additional bands:) these bands are very sturdy and tight

    Great for warm up - will wear out

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    We love these bands and everyone of our athletes from middle school to our adult classes use them to warm up. We have been breaking a lot of them lately but its constantly watching and cueing the athlete to take shorter strides and more of them to do what the band is intended to do.

    Great product


    We use these bands with our patients and they love them. We see great results from using the bands with exercises.