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Mini-Bands have a durable design – the bands will stretch up to 2.5 times their length. 


Mini Exercise Bands are 9" L x 2" W. Use them for lateral steps, leg extensions and shoulder stabilization exercises.  If you're looking for a band for tall athletes, or to use specifically above the knee, see our XL Mini Bands


  • Mini-Bands can be used anywhere – on the field, at home, in the clinic or gym, or even when traveling.
  • Effective for both upper and lower body training.
  • By using resistance bands for dynamic warm up, you can target the hip and shoulder complexes.
  • When used in conjunction with other exercises these band sequences can help activate the core as well as prime movers, synergists and stabilizers in the hip and shoulder area.




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Strong & Versatile

by -

I'd been buying (and returning) multiple bands that just didn't have the strength to do what I'd been doing with a trainer...
Finally, he referred me to his brand and I've added to my home arsenal to make exercise and training a regular habit. Sooo many things that these may be used for!

Strong and reliable

by -

I'm a personal trainer and use these bands for clients. They last long. I like that I can buy the blue ones in bulk.

Strong, versatile, and extremely portable!

by -

These are great for dynamic warm ups, as well as mobility and strength work. I can use these with varsity and junior high kids during camps, and know that there going to get a good workout. The best thing is that I can carry enough to outfit 40+ kids in my pocket.

Super Bands

by -

I use these for my own workouts and my clients'. There's little else that is so handy for warm-ups and Glute Activation. In my classes, they add an excellent dimension to the body-weight workouts I hold there. Plus, whenever I travel, these are in my bag. They are a great way to get a workout in no matter where you are.

Super durable and economical


Love using these for myself, resistance is true to form and they would be great for using with teams. Their very cost-effective and easy to store.

Thank you Perform Better!

by -

Even though I meant to order the 1 inch bands instead of the 2 inch bands (my mistake), I still love these and use them every night! Peform better has been great. Quick service( I received my order in around 2 business days) , great quality products, and fair prices. I love doing busness with them.

The Best Mini-Bands!

by -

The bands are great! There are an infinite number of exercises you can do with the varying tensions!

Thera bands

by -

Perfect and fast service!!!!

These are excellent training tools.

by -

I am a fitness professional that use these mini bands in a variety of different ways. They are excellent for teaching the body in various positions to create tension and stability to help recognize how to be stable thru an exercise. These bands are an integral tool for my training especially the older adults who have lost their connection of muscles from the feet to their shoulders. I see every day people using bands around their knees and ankles but have no idea what they are trying to do, so to these people get a professional to teach the proper use of this tool and you will be stronger and more stable.

Tiniest Gym Ever

by -

Perfect traveling gym. With a short routine of resistance exercises you can give yourself a demanding workout with something small enough to use as a bookmark.

Top grade product

by -

Great Quality band! Very fast service!

Top notch

by -

Perfect amount of tension. Using these prior to shoulder surgery and I'll definitely be using them during recovery. Great product at a fair price. Will definitely be ordering more items.

Top notch mini

by -

These are the top mini band on the market. We used these at both division 1 schools I played at so I knew exactly where to come after I got my own gym. This is what I outfit my facility with and won’t ever change

Try just 1 first; not whole set.


I bought the set of one of each kind and can only use the lightest (yellow) one. All the others are way too difficult for me to use and maintain good form. I’m a woman in decent shape so I think these are geared toward a typical man’s muscularity. And they roll up immediately when exerting which is uncomfortable. Only good thing is that it didn't cost a ton.

Will stick with these bands

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My physical therapist introduced me to these bands. I use it for exercises to strengthen my hamstring and piriformis muscles. I use the yellow. They lasted for about three months of daily use before they became a little worn out and then snapped. So I ordered a bunch more. I'm a 56 year old female runner and use the yellow. My husband uses the green for his back SI joint exercises.

Would order again.

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Bought these to use with residents in assisted living. I can only really use the yellow and green. The other two are way too resistive. They love the yellow and green for exercise. Would order again.

Wrong bands too small.


Don’t be mistaken. These bands are not the bands to put around your thighs. They are the 9 inch and not the 12 inch. I can’t use them at all. It is very unfortunate that the company does not provide a better description.