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First Place "True-Grip" Indoor Shot

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$109.00 to $172.00 $100.00 to $172.00
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$109.00 to $172.00 $100.00 to $172.00

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Hard Shell Shot which holds its shape. Different models are priced differently.

About First Place True Grip Indoor Shot Puts:
  • Hard Shell helps the thrower get a good grip.
  • It bounces very little when it lands.
  • Holds its shape well, too.
  • Throwing implements are not warrantied due to the nature of the event.

    · 2k
    · 6 lb.
    · 3 kg. (6.6 lbs.) for women 50-74 and men 80+
    · 8 lb. (Used by a lot of middle school throwers - but check your own local rules – there are no hard and fast rules for middle school or junior high school throwers)
    · 4 kg. (8.8 lbs., 115mm. Used by high school girls, college women, women to age 49, and men age 70-79)
    · 10 lb.
    · 5 kg. (11 lbs. Used by men aged 60-69)
    · 12 lb. (127mm. Used by high school boys)
    · 6 kg. (13.2 lbs. Used by men age 50-59)
    · 14 lb.
    · 16 lb. (140mm. Used by college men, and men to age 49)

  • Prices vary for different shot put weights.

    For more information, check out the video below:


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    Championship quality

    by -

    I am a Masters Decathlete. I was going to an indoor regional & needs a new shot. I placed an order and requested 3 day ship. M-F saw I was in a two day ship so not only got me my ball quick but refunded the cost change. Excellent C/S!
    As to shot. Large for my small hands but doable. Quality...always. Recommend this ball.

    Great indoor shot put.

    by -

    Exactly what I was looking for.

    Great transition to an outdoor shot

    by -

    I bought these over the winter and love them. My athletes hated the soft shell shots. They said these hard shells are more realistic.