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JAWKU Speed Timing Device

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App based, wearable technology measures speed, agility, and reaction time.

Jawku is a wearable technology that allows coaches and athletes to track anything you would track with a stopwatch, but it’s as accurate as the multi thousand dollar timing gates and costs a fraction of the price. Using Jawku doesn’t require a suitcase of equipment as well as 45min of set up time. Now testing day doesn’t have to be an event and coaches and athletes can set up the Jawku in 5 seconds to accurately get their times as well as their reaction time out of the starts. You can track any sprint from 5yrds all the way to 800M, any agility run such as a 5-10-5 or 3 cone drill, or use the Build-A-Drill function to create and save any drill we might not already have built.

The Jawku system also can track two splits in a sprint such as a 10yrd and a 40yrd the team would just need two phones or tablets and two jawku sensors. The athlete would then wear both Jawkus on the same wrist. The same would also be for track and field for tracking flying times. Download the app on your device and start testing!

  • Tested accurate to the 100th of a second
  • Extremely portable- only requires a smartphone or tablet and the Jawku sensor.
  • Measures up to 8 splits at once and allows you to build your own custom drills
  • Stores a history of all the results from each drill in the app.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android app
  • Includes: 1 Speed Sensor, 1 wristband, 1 Mobile Stand, 1 USB Charger and free mobile app.

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Accurate, efficient, easy to use.

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The Jawku Speed has been great to use with our athletes. Has made timing multiple athletes very quick, efficient, and easy to do. We actually time weekly now at our university and more often because of how easy the Jawku is to set up. Recommend learning how to use it with the remote start method so you can go athlete after athlete for testing.

Easy to use and accurate

by -

Great timing device. Easy to use and extremely accurate. Ask how to do the remote start to laser finish which makes it very efficient to go through multiple athletes quickly in a testing session. That is what we do at our sports performance center when testing the sprint and agility times.

How am I just finding out about this?

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This is the best timing system I have ever used. Don't get me wrong. I've used Zybek, Fusion and Brower and I like them a lot. But, for an equipment-less timing system that is app based, sets up in mere seconds and is as accurate as the aforementioned gates for only $199 literally blew my mind. USA Football ran a combine that I attended and they used the Jawku. It's amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. They also have great customer service. Shout out to a guy named Alan. Thanks for the help.

Must Need for Coaches


Saw this in the perform better catalog. Have to say this has been the most amazing timing device to evaluate and retest our athletes times accurately. At our school we used to only test a few times a year because the laser gates took a lot of equipment and set up time. Now we are able to test weekly as the Jawku is a very quick set up. Also, using the Jawku for a hand start to laser finish as been ideal to test 60+ athletes on a team extremely quickly.