Nordic Men's Javelin

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Models available:

Viking 800- 50m/10.4 flex

Master 800- 70m/7.5 flex

Super Elite Classic 800- 90m/7.0 flex

Champion Steel 800- 90m/6.4 flex

Airglider Steel 800- 95m/6.1 flex

About Nordic Javelins: 
  • Nordic Javelins are favorites of top throwers, who like the way the Swedish Steel implements feel and fly. 
  • Sandvik won the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the 2000 Olympics and 2001 World Championships. 
  • 800 gram is thrown by High School Boys, College Men, and Men to age 49. 
  • Choose from a variety of ranges.
  • Please note: Colors may vary. 
  • Throwing implements are not warrantied due to the nature of the event. 
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    Disappointing Color


    I will be honest here. I knew when ordering that I could end up with any type of color of Javelin because it states that when ordering. However, since this was a men's javelin, I assumed I would get a javelin a boy would want to use. Instead we ended up with an ugly light blue javelin with yellow grip. It is truly an ugly color and I am disappointed. I did call M-F just to see if they would switch it out and they informed me that Gill (the manufacture) would not. Again, I knew this was a probability so I wasn't surprised. I will just have to find somewhere else to order Javelins from in the future that can guarantee me a color. I can not yet comment of the usability of this Javelin since no one will throw with it. If and when someone does use it I will try to be objective and add to this review.


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    your an idiot if you think color maters if you are not going to use a pretty good javelin the ill take it out of your hands for you