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OTE Men's Intermediate Javelin

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$634.00 to $680.00
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$634.00 to $680.00


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The choice of elite throwers everywhere!

Both Men’s Intermediate 800gr. Headwind has a 60m range and 7.1 Flex.

*Please note: Colors may vary

OTE Javelins are handmade in the USA but craftsman following the tradition of the legendary javelin maker- Dick Held. All OTE javelins are made with precision to the closest tolerances allowed by World Athletics.

Headwind (H)
A headwind version of an OTE javelin describes a streamlined tip designed to help cut through the wind. This javelin tip, because of its small surface area, will have self-correcting characteristics when a thrower misses the point, adding valuable distance to a missed throw. The headwind version is ideal for 'power' throwers who lack perfect technique but make up for it with strength and torque.

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