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Skypole Pole Vault Pole

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$555.00 to $755.00
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Choose the length and test weight you need.

About Skypole Vaulting Poles:

  • All poles come with a tip (or butt plug).
  • Skypoles are similar to Rocket poles.
  • Great for High School Vaulters with its lower, smaller sail piece, which helps the pole move to vertical easier and unbend with power.
  • The Skypole bends a bit slower than a regular Pacer or Spirit pole, yet unbends powerfully, which is a comfort to a newer, less experienced vaulter.
  • Note: A pole MUST be rated at or above a jumper’s weight. (For Example – if your vaulter weighs 119lbs, they must us be using a pole that is a test weight of 120lbs or more).

Special Shipping conditions for Pole Vaulting Poles and Cross Bars

  • Due to size limitations of UPS, this item cannot be shipped by standard ground service or for standard ground shipping costs. There is a flat shipping rate of $195 for all poles and crossbars, this rate stays the same if you order one pole, or multiple. This includes crossbars as well, add one or more to your order for the flat shipping rate of $195! When other items are ordered in combination with poles and crossbars, sometimes the freight charges increase. In this case, we will contact you within 24 hours of placing your order for your final approval.
  • Delivery time is not guaranteed for poles. If you need a pole urgently, it is best to call us at 1-888-556-7464 weekdays from 8:30am-5:30pm Eastern time to get details!!
  • As the sticker on your pole tube container will remind you:If the tube does not look completely round, is open, or looks blemished, DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT, but instead simply write “DAMAGED” next to your name when signing the freight company’s delivery paperwork and let the driver go on their way. Open and inspect the pole so to make sure that it is indeed in good shape. If not, please notify us. This is very important because the if damage is not noted at delivery, the freight company will not pay us back for the pole and we’ll be out the money. Please share this with anyone who might be receiving the shipment such as a custodian, office staff, etc.

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