PB Disc Pillow

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The PB Disc Pillow balance trainer strengthens and stabilizes muscles in the ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders.




PB Disc Pillow Features:

  • Air filled disc pillow.
  • Everyone can improve balance with a few minutes work during warm-up, which helps performance.
  • You'll be surprised at its instability.
  • To adjust the air in the pillow, use a sports ball needle (needle is NOT included).
  • It's portable – put the PB Disc Pillow in your travel bag.
  • Great for improving posture and balance. Also helps build back, leg and foot muscles.
  • Strengthens and stabilizes muscles in ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders.
  • Stand, kneel, sit or do push-ups on this soft, unstable disc. Feels like you’re standing on a pillow of air.
  • Versatile – use one disc for single leg exercises and sit-ups. Use multiple discs for double leg exercises and push-ups. Set up in patterns, then walk from one disc to another.
  • Place on chair for sitting to improve body alignment.



  • 13.5" diameter.
  • One smooth side, one ridged side.

Balance helped by using disc.

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I use this disc pillow to stand on while I brush my teeth and wash my face at the bathroom sink to help with my balance. As I’ve gotten older my balance has been less than ideal.

Disks won’t take air!!

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I just received 2 pillows and neither 1 will take any air!!
Very frustrating. I also purchased a 65cm stability ball which filled up just fine.
So….. What’s the deal hear??

Good value product.

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I bought it for my knee pain. Since then, it has helped me in strengthening the muscles around ankle, knees and hips. My daughter loves it and includes it as a part of her regular exercise.

Great for improving balance

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Great for working on balance. I also have an Airex pad but find the Disc Pillow much more challenging

Great results!

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I had a severe achilles strain and this device cleared it up and allowed me to continue to play basketball and I am approaching 70! I have loaned it out to friends and it has worked for them as well.

Mixed Bag

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Well, it’s a mixed bag. I was about to contact your customer service when I received the welcome invitation to write a review. Of the two I ordered, one is perfect and useful for my balance and other routines. But I had to adjust the inflation, which is where the problem resides: the second one will take no air, so I can’t match it to its twin. That makes it unusable.

Pillow fun

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This peculiar product is a a lot of fun; Very challenging to balance (that's a good thing), we've used it for family fun to see who can balance longest on each foot; everyone wants to try it

Really enjoyable and fun to use


Really enjoy and have fun with the balance ball at home. The more I use it the more I gain confidence, and as I get older, this will help keep me healthier both mentally and physically.



Great, fun workout activity during indoor workouts for my girls tennis team. Great for stability, core and injury prevention.

The Disc pillow

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i got one as a gift. Didn't know what it was until i googled it. Very useful and i love it and have been using it daily. My balance is getting very good. I am over 70 years old.

useful for balance training


I bought this pillow because my gym uses them and I find them very useful for balance training. I was disappointed to see that my product, while appearing to be identical at the first glance, is actually made out of much softer plastic. I experimented with it adding and removing some air, but it is still very difficult to balance on it. Still a good product, just a bit different from what I was expecting.