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PB Elite 6" Firm Round Molded Foam Roller

36 Reviews
$10.95 to $19.95
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$10.95 to $19.95


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PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers do not contain cells making them last three times longer than traditional, celled, white foam rollers.

PB Elite Molded Foam Roller Features:

  • Unlike traditional celled foam rollers that break down and flatten out, these molded rollers do not have cells and therefore will last much longer.
  • Available in three sizes

  • Benefits/Uses:

  • Use round foam rollers for myofascial release, self-massage, and alignment.
  • The foam rollers improve alignment and hip mobility while increasing core flexibility.
  • PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers can also be used for Pilates, yoga, massage therapy and physical therapy.

  • Available Sizes:

  • 3' Long, 6" Round
  • 18" Long, 6" Round
  • 1' Long, 6" Round
  • Ratings & Reviews

    36 reviews



    by -

    The roller provides pain relief for my back and helps work out my knees.

    self myfoascial release

    by -

    love the product have using and selling to patients for the past 10 years.

    Small half roller fun and useful

    by -

    This half roller is useful for balancing, and it takes up very little space at all so its easy to have tucked under a chair or such for impromptu balancing

    Strong, Durable

    by -

    Got the 18 inch half-round. Works great and has been holding up well. Nice bonus DVD came with the product for free.

    Using for planta facia and and grade 3 ankle sprain

    by -

    1/2 form roller is great for both balance exercises and calf stretching

    Using it for frozen shoulder

    by -

    lightweight, durable, stable

    Very precise title

    by -

    Very sturdy and a great value.

    Wore Easily

    by -

    Not a great product. Purchased several for my gym, and many somehow broke straight in half within a few weeks. Not sure how exactly, but sad to see. The Red Circle also could be more adhesive.

    Works Great

    by -

    I use this every day at the beginning of my workout. It is perfect for loosening tight muscles. I would definitely recommend.

    Would definitely recommend!

    by -

    I started foam rolling using a cheap one from Walmart that was much smaller, 18” maybe. When I went to my trainer and used hers (3’ from perform better), I was amazed at the difference. Not only in how it felt but my mobility and stability changed significantly...plus the prices are very reasonable.

    Yes I would recommend this product.

    by -

    I am a personal trainer and I use this product on all my clients!!