Track & Field Javelins

Our best selling FIRST PLACE javelins feature handcrafted aluminum shafts with a durable steel point. PACER HELD aluminum javelins are designed to original Dick Held specifications. NEMETH aluminum alloy javelins are the choice of the world's top throwers. NORDIC steel javelins are the favorite of top throwers who like the way these Swedish steel javelins feel and fly. LEGEND I javelins (regular flex) are more forgiving. LEGEND II javelins (medium flex) are great for stronger, more powerful throwers. LEGEND III javelins (stiff flex) are for advanced throwers.

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Legend Women's Javelin
$259.00 to $350.00 $245.00 to $350.00
Nemeth Men's Javelin
$560.00 to $1,730.00
Legend Men's Javelin
$309.00 to $440.00
$37.00 to $44.00
OTE Men's Intermediate Javelin
$634.00 to $680.00
OTE Men's Xtra Javelin
$827.00 to $866.00
OTE Men's Competition Javelin
$878.00 to $918.00
OTE Men's Carbon 1 Javelin
$1,455.00 to $1,495.00
OTE Women's Xtra Javelin
$603.00 to $642.00
OTE Women's Carbon 1 Javelin
$1,455.00 to $1,495.00