Indoor Shot Puts

Our premium First Place indoor shot puts are available in many weights and sizes. Our most popular is the "TRUE GRIP" INDOOR SHOT PUT – it has a hard shell that provides a good grip, bounces very little, and maintains its shape. "SOFT" INDOOR SHOTS are tough, polyvinyl plastic shots that change shape and don't bounce. "SUPER SOFT" INDOOR SHOT PUTS are the softest indoor shots made – the vinyl shots do not bounce or lose shape and are excellent for wood floors. "PRO-LINE" TUNGSTEN INDOOR SHOTS are the smallest indoor shot puts made. They are popular because their diameter is similar to an outdoor shot put.

3 Products

First Place "Soft" Indoor Shot
$122.00 to $209.00
First Place "True-Grip" Indoor Shot
$109.00 to $172.00 $92.00 to $145.00