Outdoor Shot Puts

We stock a variety of outdoor shot puts in many weights and sizes. FIRST PLACE CAST IRON SHOTS are durable, economical, legal for competition, and great for practice. NISHI DUCTILE IRON SHOTS are stronger than other iron shots. They are perfectly balanced and more impact resistant. Precision made FIRST PLACE TURNED IRON SHOTS are a step up from cast iron. Durable FIRST PLACE TURNED STEEL OUTDOOR SHOT PUTS are precision made and have a painted finish. Europe's best POLANIK STEEL SHOTPUTS are solid steel with a textured, painted finish. FIRST PLACE STAINLESS STEEL SHOT PUTS are perfectly round, polished, and perfectly weighted. They are lead filled with a stainless steel shell. FIRST PLACE BRASS SHOTS are machined perfectly round for those who prefer the feel and small diameter of brass.

7 Products

First Place Cast Iron Shot
$26.00 to $61.00
First Place Turned Iron Shot
$61.00 to $124.00
First Place Competition Brass Shot
$189.00 to $205.00 $175.00 to $199.00
Polanik Steel Shot
$146.00 to $176.00
First Place Turned Steel Shot
$113.00 to $160.00
Nelco Kin-O-Max Shot Put
$199.00 to $235.00