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First Place Speed Jump Rope

4 Reviews
SKU: 3421-01


First Place Speed Jump Ropes are very light and turn with incredible ease.

First Place Speed Rope Features:

  • Lightning fast ropes are perfect for speed jumping.
  • Ropes are 9'6" long and easy to adjust to make the length shorter.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4 reviews


    Best rope ever


    I have purchased dozens of ropes in search of the perfect one...this is it! It turns so easily, doesn't kink up, and is easy to adjust to the right length. For the price, it is by far the best rope I have ever tried. Even one of the well known ropes out there pales in comparison.

    Conveneint, small sized rope


    I tuck 4 different mini resistance bands into the pouch the jump rope came in for a cardio and resistance duo that fits into any purse, gym, or travel bag. Great to do anywhere and anytime!

    first place jump ropes are the bomb!


    "These ropes are the best ropes we've had so far.
    They just glide around effortlessly, and are so easily adjustable. The cost is way below the value. So pleased; will be replacing all the ropes with these!!"

    Good, could be better.


    These are functional and attractive. The phillips head adjustment system is much better than the tiny allen head on the cheaper version, but would be even better with a spring-loaded plunger design. I poked a hole in the plastic covering the bottom and fed the excess cable into the handle to get it out of the way.