Pole Vault Poles

Nobody beats M-F Athletic's selection of pole vault poles or years of pole vaulting experience! We stock the world's largest pole vault pole inventory, have the fastest delivery, and have the most knowledge! We have poles from every manufacturer – UCS Spirit, Pacer Composite, Pacer One, Rocket, Lady Rocket and Altius. For pole selection help or vaulting tips, call us at 888-556-7464.

9 Products

UCS Spirit Pole
$382.00 to $858.00
Altius Xtreme Vaulting Pole
$272.00 to $430.00
Pacer One Pole Vault Pole
$239.00 to $377.00
Rocket Pole
$399.00 to $485.00
Pacer Composite Pole Vault Pole
$561.00 to $1,105.00